Geo-redundancy for flawless business-critical applications

In the upcoming weeks Safe Swiss Cloud will continuously extend its existing cloud environment. Basically this means a significant benefit for our customers by having two cloud regions across two independent physical data centers.

Our capacities was increased about 20 times – and true geo-redundancy is available now.

The term geo-redundancy has become a wide-spread concept, related to data security and business continuity. In terms of information technology «Redundancy» is related to an additional technical resource available in case of emergency. And the combination with «Geo» means that those resources additionally are separated into different locations. In case of technical problems this ensures the constant ability of an additional intact resource in a different location.

Put shortly: Data and systems not only duplicated in a single data center but in multiple data centers. All data is mirrored in real time between the two locations, entirely avoiding downtime and loss of data.
Those geo-redundant mechanisms not only protect against disasters – they additionally avoid impairments for hardware failure, necessary updates/patches or scheduled maintenance.

With our enhancements we provide the basis for disaster recovery and enable our customers the continuity of their business-critical applications.


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