Learn how to start your cloud backups in 15 minutes

In this briefing for cloud backups:

  • We will introduce you to how Safe Swiss Cloud’s backup solutions work and where your data resides.
  • Show you how you can use our backup solution to backup desktops and servers from anywhere to anywhere (including Safe Swiss Cloud’s own object storage).
  • Do a short Question & Answer session with you.

All our cloud computing services share these characteristics:

  • European security & privacy: all your data resides in our own, highly secure data centres. The privacy of your data is governed by European GDPR.
  • 7×24 support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers.
  • Self service: full control over your application.
  • Competitve pricing

What happens next?

  1. Fill out the form or call us at +41 61 564 1111 to request the briefing.
  2. We will contact you shortly thereafter to organise an online briefing.
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