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Product Features

Create your own dedicated cloud with dedicated servers hosted in Safe Swiss Cloud’s own data centers with an option to stretch it across two independent data centers. Safe Swiss Cloud manages the cloud technology and server infrastructure dedicated exclusively for you.

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Dedicated servers for your own dedicated cloud, managed by Safe Swiss Cloud.

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Latest Intel Xeon CPUs. Dual processor mother boards with 18 cores in each processor.

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12 x nVME SSDs (1.8 TB each) per server

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Based on VMware clustering technology with an option to stretch across two data centers.

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Typically, 768 GB RAM per server

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Cluster implemented using hyperconverged HP hardware with VSAN.

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European privacy and compliance: learn more

Who is using it?

This offering is in use by:

  • Large banks
  • Large enterprises
  • IT Service Providers

Dedicated Cloud: Use Cases

  • White labelled cloud for IT service providers
  • High frequency algorithmic trading
  • Applications with defined resource requirements
  • ERP applications
  • Banking applications

and many more

Dedicated Cloud Pricing*

Or call Sales at
+41 61 564 1111

Pricing for Internet Bandwidth (fair use applies)

NameUnitMonthly Price
Produkt ID
100 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficNumber / month0.00n2s.Internet-100Mbps
200 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficNumber / month80.00n2s.Internet-200Mbps
500 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficNumber / month200.00n2s.Internet-500Mbps
1000 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficNumber / month400.00n2s.Internet-1000Mbps
MPLS – 20 MbpsPer RouteContact us for a quoten2s.mpls-20m
MPLS – 50 MbpsPer RouteContact us for a quoten2s.mpls-50m
MPLS – 100 MbpsPer RouteContact us for a quoten2s.mpls-100m

Pricing for Support Services

Monthly Support Packages

Monthly Support PackagesIncluded Hours (per month)Expiration of support hoursPrice / monthContract Duration (months)BillingProduct ID
Monthly Support 22Monthly2901Monthlypro2.support-2
Monthly Support 55Monthly7251Monthlypro2.support-5
Monthly Support 1010Monthly1’4001Monthlypro2.support-10
Monthly Support 1515Monthly2’1001Monthlypro2.support-15
Monthly support packages: support hours expire at the end of the month. Service can be cancelled at the end of each month.

Annual Support Packages

Annual Support PackagesIncluded Hours (over 12 months) Expiration of support hoursPrice / monthContract Duration (months)BillingProduct ID
Annual Support 2525Yearly33012Monthlypro2.support-25
Annual Support 5050Yearly65012Monthlypro2.support-50
Annual Support 100100Yearly1’25012Monthlypro2.support-100
Annual Support 200200Yearly2’42012Monthlypro2.support-200
Annual Support 300300Yearly3’50012Monthlypro2.support-300
Annual support packages, paid monthly: the support hours are for a full year and expire after 12 months.

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