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Product Features

Run your mission critical Windows or Linux VMs, databases, networks etc. in your own, secure Dual Data Center Cloud with automatic fail over functionality. It includes all the functionality available in the Enterprise Cloud with the following significant characteristics:

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VMware cluster technology stretched across two independent data centers

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Low latency synchronous data replication between data centers

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Self service: use vCloud Director to manage all servers and networks

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Automatic failover to secondary data center in case of a disruption

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The IP addresses stay the same in case of a data center switch

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All server and storage capacity is duplicated in both data centers

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European privacy and compliance: learn more

Who is using Dual Data Center Cloud?

This offering is in use by:

  • Large banks
  • Large enterprises
  • IT Service Providers

and many more.

Dual Data Center

Dual Data Center Cloud: Use Cases

  • Banking applications
  • Enterprise databases
  • Data warehouses
  • Data analytics & business intelligence
  • ERP applications
  • CRM applications
  • HR applications
  • Financial applications

and many more

Dual Data Center Cloud Pricing*

(stündlich gemessen)
Monatlicher Preis
Produkt ID
vCPU 2 GHzAnzahl / Monat14.00v2d.vCPU-2GHz
RAM – vCloud Memory (in GB)GB / Monat14.00v2d.RAM
Clustered SSD storage volumes standardGB / Monat0.24v2d.ssd-vols-std
Clustered SSD storage volumes Gold (1000 IOPS)GB / Monat0.40v2d.ssd-vols-gold
Clustered SSD storage volumes Platinum (2000 IOPS)GB / Monat0.90v2d.ssd-vols-platinum
Storage used by snapshots, ISO files, templatesGB / Monat0.16v2d.sec-storage
Edge router advanced Anzahl / Monat70.00n2d.edge-adv
Edge router standardAnzahl / Monat50.00n2d.edge-std
Public IPv4 AddressAnzahl / Monat (min. 4)7.50n2g.ipv4-public
Object storage for backups, archival etc.GB / Monat0.10s2d.obj-stor
Dual Data Center Interconnect600.00n2d.dual-dc-connect

Pricing for Internet Connections

NameEinheitMonatlicher Preis
Produkt ID
100 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficAnzahl / Monat0.00n2s.Internet-100Mbps
200 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficAnzahl / Monat80.00n2s.Internet-200Mbps
500 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficAnzahl / Monat200.00n2s.Internet-500Mbps
1000 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited trafficAnzahl / Monat400.00n2s.Internet-1000Mbps
MPLS – 20 MbpsPro RouteKontaktieren Sie uns für ein Angebotn2s.mpls-20m
MPLS – 50 MbpsPro RouteKontaktieren Sie uns für ein Angebotn2s.mpls-50m
MPLS – 100 MbpsPro RouteKontaktieren Sie uns für ein Angebotn2s.mpls-100m

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