Maximum reliability and full control

This solution is custom built for each customer to accommodate their complex IT architecture requirements for high performance, reliability and scalability.

It provides very good reliability out of the box, along with the flexibility to run operating systems of the customer’s choice, create and configure software defined networks as well as mix dedicated/”bare metal” hardware with cloud servers.

A special option for larger customers is the ability to create their own dedicated cloud and network infrastructure.

We support custom engineering for special requirements like GPU computing, bare metal servers etc. We are able to combine dedicated hardware with virtualised servers.

Who is it for?

This product is particularly suitable for banks, healthcare organisations, software as a service (SaaS) companies and IT service providers. It is ideal for installations with the following characteristics:

  • relatively stable workloads with a minimum of 25 VMs
  • highest compliance requirements
  • maximum reliability

This solution provides the ability to custom engineer dedicated infrastructure environments. Safe Swiss Cloud works with its customers to find solutions for special security and network architecture requirements.


Self service: customers can provision (create) their own virtual machines (computers), networks, firewall rules, install an operating system of their choice etc.

Custom engineering: the ability to combine virtualised servers (VMs) with “bare metal” hardware to meet special requirements.

Full control: Customers retain full control of their computing resources. Imagine being able to click a few buttons or run a script to fill a rack with the computing equipment of your choice – that is exactly what “Enterprise Cloud” gives you.

Hybrid computing: Customers want the flexibility to move work loads from the cloud to in house, from one cloud to another as well as from in house to the cloud. We share this vision and our migration services are designed to support this.

NO lock in: we help customers to move their work loads into our cloud, but also help them move workloads out of Safe Swiss Cloud. One of our customers tested new software at Safe Swiss Cloud while getting their internal computing infrastructure ready. Once the internal infrastructure became available, they moved their workload in house. This is a great model and we are doing similar business with this customer for another project.

The main features of this product are:

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ISO 27001 certified security

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Extremely reliable

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100% SSD storage for the best performance

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vCloud Director technology based on VMware

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Compliance with GDPR, FINMA

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Software defined networking

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Automatic geo-redundant disaster recovery option

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Various Managed Services are available to make life easier


NameUnitsMonthly Price  
(billed hourly)
Product ID
vCPU 2 GHzNumber / month7,00v2s.vCPU-2GHz
RAM – vCloud Memory (in GB)GB / month7,00v2s.RAM
Clustered SSD storage volumes standardGB / month0,12v2s.ssd-vols-std
Clustered SSD storage volumes Gold (1000 IOPS)GB / month0,20v2s.ssd-vols-gold
Clustered SSD storage volumes Platinum (2000 IOPS)GB / month0,45v2s.ssd-vols-platinum
Storage used by snapshots, ISO files, templatesGB / month0,08v2s.sec-storage

*Valid as of: 1 October, 2019

With this product, we can custom design the hardware and networking to meet special requirements like GPU computing.

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