Kubernetes and Docker

Containers are an important standard for software deployment while the popularity of microservices architectures means the number of containers per application is increasing.

Kubernetes has established itself as a major standard for orchestrating and managing Docker containers.

Kubernetes and Openshift are one of the easiest ways to deploy and manage software with Docker containers.

Safe Swiss Cloud provides managed Kubernetes clusters as an easy entry into the world of Docker computing.

Who is it for?

This product is perfect for:
  • Software companies: deliver your software as a service
  • IT Service Providers
  • Hosting companies
  • Large enterprise IT departments
Use Cases:
  • Microservices application architectures
  • Continuous delivery / DevOps
  • Secure and private deployment of banking applications
  • Online development environments
  • Testing environments: build and destroy as needed
  • Orchestrate and manage Docker containers
  • Maximise utilisation and performance

Benefits of the Kubernetes Cloud

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Manage the deployment of complex architectures

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Deploy thousands of Docker containers in a controlled way

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Security and authentication for various groups within an organisation to do their work with maximum flexibility

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Flexible development resources

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Support for continuous deployment (CI) out of the box

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Dedicated clusters per customer


NameUnitsMonthly Price  
(billed hourly)
Product ID
vCPU 2 GHzNumber / month7,00k2s.vCPU-2GHz
RAM – Kubernetes Memory (in GB)GB / month7,00k2s.RAM
Clustered SSD standard ephemeral storage volumes for containersGB / month0,12k2s.ssd-ephemeral
Clustered SSD standard persistent storage volumesGB / month0,36k2s.ssd-persistent
Clustered SSD (io3) persistent storage volumesGB / month1,35k2s.ssd-pers-io3
Clustered SSD dynx (25 IOPS/GB) persistent storage volumesGB / month1,80k2s.ssd-pers-dynx

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