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Product Features

Safe Swiss Cloud provides a managed, high performance Kubernetes Cloud, based on Openshift, with the following features.

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Micro services: use the GUI, Kubernetes API or the command line (CLI) to manage your micro services.

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Instant deployment: open an account and start deploying Docker containers instantly into the cloud.

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Self service with the powerful Openshift GUI, use the Kubernetes API or scripts.

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Persistent storage with dynamic claims management is available as a standard feature.

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100% clustered SSD storage for maximal reliability and performance.

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Storage categories: various other storage categories, from affordable to high performance are available.

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European privacy and compliance: learn more

Who is using it?

  • Software companies
  • Banks: large enterprise IT with strict compliance requirements
  • Crypto software companies
  • Health Care companies
Kubernetes Cloud

Use Cases

  • Block Chain: crypto currency applications
  • Continuous integration & delivery / DevOps
  • Secure deployment e.g. for banking applications
  • Web hosting
  • Online development environments
  • Cloud native applications

Kubernetes Cloud Pricing*

(metered hourly)
Monthly Price
Product ID
vCPU 2 GHzNumber / month7.00k2s.vCPU-2GHz
RAM – Kubernetes Memory (in GB)GB / month7.00k2s.RAM
Clustered SSD standard ephemeral storage volumes for containersGB / month0.12k2s.ssd-ephemeral
Clustered SSD standard persistent storage volumesGB / month0.36k2s.ssd-persistent
Clustered SSD (io3) persistent storage volumesGB / month1.35k2s.ssd-pers-io3
Clustered SSD dynx (25 IOPS/GB) persistent storage volumesGB / month1.80k2s.ssd-pers-dynx
Kubernetes cluster managementper allocated GB of RAM3.50mas2.kubernetes
Public IPv4 AddressNumber / month7.50n2g.ipv4-public
Network trafficBandwidth: 100 Mbps included100 Mb/s included
More on request
Fair usage policy applies
Object storage for backups, archival etc.GB / month0.05s2s.obj-stor

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