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Safe Swiss Cloud provides a fully managed, high performance public Kubernetes Cloud (shared), which gives customers the ability to scale up horizontally using pod scaling. In addition it offers managed, dedicated Kubernetes clusters for customers who prefer that.

Product Features

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Public (shared) Kubernetes cloud: ideal for developers. Fully managed by Safe Swiss Cloud.

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Persistent storage with dynamic claims management is available as a standard feature.

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Micro services: use the GUI, Kubernetes API or the command line (CLI) to manage your micro services.

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Dedicated Kubernetes cluster: For a nothing shared environment. Fully managed by Safe Swiss Cloud.

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100% redundant, clustered SSD storage for reliability and performance.

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Instant deployment: open an account and start deploying Docker containers instantly into the cloud.

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Special storage categories: various storage categories, from affordable to high performance are available.

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European data sovereignty, privacy & compliance: learn more


Customers who are using Safe Swiss Cloud’s Kubernetes offering include:

  • Software companies
  • Crypto / blockchain companies
  • Health Care companies
Kubernetes Cloud

Use Cases

  • Block Chain: crypto currency applications
  • Continuous integration & delivery / DevOps
  • Secure deployment e.g. for banking applications
  • Web hosting
  • Online development environments
  • Cloud native applications

Kubernetes Cloud Pricing*

NameUnitsMonthly Price
Product ID
CPU – Kubernetes CPUNumber / month9.90k2s.vCPU-2GHz
RAM – Kubernetes Memory (in GB)GB / month9.90k2s.RAM
Clustered SSD ephemeral storage volumes for containersGB / month0.12k2s.ssd-ephemeral
Clustered SSD persistent storage volumes: standard including backup (7 daily + 5 weekly + 4 monthly)GB / month0.24k2s.ssd-persistent
Clustered SSD persistent storage volumes: IO3 (5000 IOPS) including backup (7 daily + 5 weekly + 4 monthly)GB / month0.60k2s.ssd-pers-io3
Clustered SSD persistent storage volumes: DYNX (25 IOPS/GB) including backup (7 daily + 5 weekly + 4 monthly)GB / month0.75k2s.ssd-pers-dynx
Dedicated IP AddressNumber / month35.00k2s.ded-pub-ip
Network trafficGB / monthNo limitFair usage policy applies
Object storage for backups, archival etc.GB / month0.05s2s.obj-stor
Prices last updated on 17 September 2020

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