Data Drop

Private document sharing and collaboration. Secure cloud storage.

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Product Features

Share documents (files) with colleagues, suppliers and customers and collaborate with them online. Access documents online on secure cloud storage from PCs, Macs & Linux or mobile devices. Edit online, role based access, two factor authentication (TFA) and lots more.

For maximum performance and privacy, every customer gets their own, private server in their own virtual data center.

For online meetings, chat etc, we recommend our Remote Working product as a complement to Data Drop.

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File server: access documents directly on the server from your PC, Mac, Linux computer or iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

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Based on Nextcloud technology.
Share documents with colleagues, customers and suppliers

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This file server can be integrated into Windows Explorer without additional software. With additional software, it can be integrated into Mac and Linux desktops.

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Separate, private server for every customer: maximum performance and privacy

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File access integrated into Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or Linux file manager or via apps from iOS or Android smartphones or tablets

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Two factor authentication (TFA) and role based access management for enterprise grade security and flexibility.

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European privacy and compliance:

Features | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing

Customers & Use Cases

Who is using it?

This is a universal solution for all kinds of companies who need to enable their teams to work remotely, while storing all data on the companies own servers.

  • Software companies
  • Service companies
  • Technology companies

Data Drop: Use Cases

The following are some typical use cases for this collaboration solution:

  • File server
  • File replication from Data Drop to PCs, Macs etc.
  • Home office: ideal for accessing documents remotely
  • Project document repository
  • Customers service: share details via documents
  • Share sales presentations and marketing collateral
  • Share information with suppliers
  • Share documents wth legal team
  • Due diligence repository: time bound

Features | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing

Pricing for Data Drop*

NameDetailsMonthly Price
Product ID
Entry level Data DropUnlimited users
Approx. 25 simultaneous sessions*
Mid size Data DropUnlimited users
Approx. 50 simultaneous sessions*
Large Data DropUnlimited users
Approx. 100 simultaneous sessions*
Enterprise Data DropUnlimited users
Customer specific sizing
Request quotepltf.data-drop-enterprise
SSD Managed Storage 50GB (incl. backup)50 GB12.00pltf.ssd-50-mngd
SSD Managed Storage 100GB (incl. backup)100 GB23.00pltf.ssd-100-mngd
SSD Managed Storage 200GB (incl. backup)200 GB47.00pltf.ssd-200-mngd
SSD Managed Storage 500GB (incl. backup)500 GB117.00pltf.ssd-500-mngd
SSD Managed Storage 1TB (incl. backup)1000GB234.00pltf.ssd-1000-mngd

* The number of possible simultaneous sessions is only an indication: Safe Swiss Cloud does not limit these. In practice, the performance is the only limiting factor: depending on the line speed of the users, the amount of simultaneous new or changing data, many more of fewer sessions maybe reasonable.

Pricing Example

Let’s say you are looking for a system which can handle 100 users of which you expect about 25 to be connected to Data Drop simultaneously and actively using the system. You should select the Entry Level Data Drop above, which will cost CHF 99.- per month.

If you have 170GB of data, pick the SSD Managed Storage 200GB (pltf.ssd-200-mngd) package, which will cost you CHF 47.- per month. If you need more storage, just subscribe to additional storage packages as needed.

So your total cost per month for this example would be: CHF 99.- + 47.- = CHF 146.- per month

The system does not restrict the number of users, but once you reach performance limits, you can upgrade your server.

Request a Data Drop Briefing

learn how best to use the Data Drop solution for collaborating on documents with colleagues, suppliers and customers.