Management Team

Prodosh Banerjee, CEO

Prodosh Banerjee

CEO | Chief Executive Officer

We deliver reliable, high performance cloud computing as well as IT operations, security & support services for business customers.

Prodosh has worked in software development and IT operations for companies like UBS, SWX Swiss Stock Exchange (now SIX), Grapha Informatik, IBM Software Laboratories and Telekurs (now SIX) in various roles: executive, project manager, programmer, operations manager.

His education includes a Master of Systems/Computer Science (M.S.) degree as well as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics. 

His focus has been on innovation in IT to expand its scope from serving internal enterprise needs to include more digital interactions with customers and suppliers. His mission is to deliver the advantages of information technology and digitalisation to customers in an easily usable way, quickly and reliably.

Other interests: Jazz and arts

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ssc GDU

Gerald Dürr

Business Development Director

We assure the strictest data protection and the highest privacy standards.

Gerald has extensive experience from the consultancy business and assumed various management roles in the financial services industry. He has worked for consultancy firms like KPMG’s Corporate Finance Practice and FehrAdvice & Partners, where he consulted companies with in-depth insights from the newly emerging field of applied Behavioral Economics. Gerald was the Financial Manager and a member of the executive team of a Swiss based financial services company.

Gerald holds a Masters’s degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Other interests: Sports

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CTO / CSO | Chief Technical Officer / Chief Security Officer

David Poole

CTO / CSO | Chief Technical Officer / Chief Security Officer

Get the job done – that’s my motto in life.

David has nearly 30 years experience in the IT industry principally in banking and mobile technology. David’s motto is “get the job done”. David gained a Ph.D in Physics (solid state) from Cambridge University in 1982. He also has a Master’s in electronics from Birmingham University.

Other interests: Art, karate and weight training

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