How can IT Decision Makers evaluate their Cloud Computing Options? #4 – Choice

The 5 most important considerations in going to “the cloud” explained. The fourth part of our series deals with the topic of Choice.

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This is part 4 of our series on the topic “How can IT Decision Makers evaluate their Cloud Computing Options?”. See here for other parts:

As a decision maker evaluating cloud options, choice is a very important consideration. Choice allows you the flexibility to implement the IT systems your organisation will need in the coming years.   

The good news is that a whole spectrum of cloud based offerings, both IaaS and SaaS, provide you with the technology choices to continue to improve the functionality and user experience that your organisation needs. 

In fact, the abundance of choice means that organisations will be able to choose hybrid scenarios like:

  • a hybrid of IaaS and SaaS cloud based solutions
  • a hybrid of server, storage and network resources in the cloud (IaaS) and on their own premises. 
  • extend existing on premise IT solutions with cloud based SaaS systems. 

In the case of IaaS, the organisation has the choice of running multiple operating systems and the software of choice, whereas in the SaaS model, software from different providers can be combined for a fast impact.

Cloud is a major enabler of a new IT paradigm of flexibility, largely through the multiplicity of available choices.

This is part 4 of our series on the topic “How can IT Decision Makers evaluate their Cloud Computing Options?”. See here for other parts:

In the next post we will look at considerations related to Cost

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