Our cloud products are designed to meet the most demanding architecture and performance requirements using a combination of dedicated hardware and virtualized resources.

Banks, software and healthcare companies from all over the world trust us with their mission-critical computer requirements. Data security has become an absolute necessity to ensure that users have the confidence that their health, financial and other data will receive the privacy they deserve.

Kubernetes Cloud

DevOps & micro services

Maximum flexibility for developers

Persistent Storage

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Enterprise Cloud

Mission critical applications

Private cloud

VMware technology

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Open Cloud

100% clustered SSD / high performance

Self service & root access

Industry standard Openstack

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All of our cloud offerings are 100% hosted in our own data centers in Switzerland. We offer specialized technical consulting for large enterprise architectures to meet the most demanding performance requirements.

All our products are certified by ISO 27001/27018 and/or ISAE 38xx and/or FINMA and other compliance certificates and audits.