Privacy, Support, Performance, Reliability & Competitive Pricing

Full Control

Self Service

The customer is in full control of their infrastructure: they can create and manage their resources themselves. Our products provide the customer with access to their infrastructure via GUI and API.

No Lock In

You always have full control over your own data in Safe Swiss Cloud: this commitment means you can migrate your data in and out of Safe Swiss Cloud whenever needed, with no contractual or legal restrictions.

Performance & Reliability


100% SSD storage ensures the best performance. Various SSD storage offerings are available ensuring the best price / performance for various use cases. All servers, networks and power supplies are redundant ensuring maximum reliability.


All SSD storage is clustered, for maximum reliability: this means that the Safe Swiss Cloud storage systems continue to work without interruption and without data loss, in case of individual component failures.

7×24 Support

Support is always just a phone call away with Safe Swiss Cloud’s 7×24 support.

Professional support is essential for customers who run business critical applications in the cloud. Support is always dealt with by qualified systems engineers (no call centres).

Banks, software, healthcare and trading companies from all over the world trust us with their mission critical computing requirements based on our reliable infrastructure and support.

Privacy & Compliance

At Safe Swiss Cloud, ensuring privacy is the core of our mission. Our ISO 27001 certification & 27018 compliance attests to the quality of our infrastructure and organisation. Safe Swiss Cloud is compliant with the GDPR, PCI-DSS, FINMA & HIPAA regulations / standards.

Safe Swiss Cloud’s servers run in its own European data centres – 100% in Switzerland. Our data centers, connections to customers and Internet peering are implemented through our own smart network, which is designed to ensure stability and maximum uptime.

Learn more about what to focus on if you have compliance requirements for your cloud hosting.

Competitive, Transparent & Predictable Pricing

Safe Swiss Cloud is committed to transparent pricing – we make sure that pricing is easy to understand and predictable. Our prices are competitive with European and overseas competitors. Please visit the pricing page on our website and contact us for help with with your specific use cases.