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VMware technology: for mission critical applications

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Product Features

This industry standard VMware based solution is ideal for running mission critical Windows and Linux VMs, databases, ERP systems, Email servers and lots more. Customers have the flexibility, to setup their networks the way they need, in their own, secure virtual data center in Safe Swiss Cloud’s own high quality data centers.

Redundant server hardware, SSD storage, networks, electricity supply, switching and backups to different data centres provide the ultimate in reliable, enterprise cloud computing.

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VMware & vCloud Director technology to manage servers & virtual networks

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100% clustered SSD storage for maximal reliability and performance.

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Self service, with full control over your own servers and network.

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Choice of Windows 2022, 2019 and 2016 servers.

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Veeam: Self service and managed backups available

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7×24 Support from Safe Swiss Cloud engineers

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Redundant server hardware, networks and power supply

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No lock-in: migrate your VMs and data in and out of Safe Swiss Cloud anytime

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Automate the setup of your infrastructure with APIs and scripts

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Choice of Linux servers: Red Hat, CentOS & Ubuntu

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Self service backup options: use a program of your choice, to backup to object storage

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European privacy and compliance: learn more

Features | Technology | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing | FAQ

VMware Technology at Safe Swiss Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud product is based on industry standard VMware technology. Safe Swiss Cloud uses the VMware Cloud Director on top of VMware to provide its customers with a web based graphical user interface (GUI) which allows them to manage their cloud resources in an intuitive way:

  • Virtual LANs (internal networks)
  • Servers (VMs)
  • Storage volumes (100% redundant, clustered SSD)
  • Snapshots
  • VPNs (site to site as well as SSL)
  • Firewalls
  • Access management for the infrastructure management portal

and lots more.

Most enterprise customers are already familiar with VMware. For customers with existing VMware infrastructure, it is easy to transfer workloads (VMs) from one VMware installation to another. Customers can even treat their Enterprise Cloud as an extension of their in house (on premise) infrastructure. 

Enterprise Cloud based on VMware is characterised by a very high degree of redundancy in:

  • Server hardware
  • Network switches
  • Storage media (SSDs) and storage servers
  • Internet connections 
  • Backups (Veeam)
  • Electricity supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Diesel generators that allow the data centres to keep operating for weeks in case of a total power failure

Enterprise Cloud provides its customers a self service backup portal, from where they can setup and manage their backups and restores using the industry leading Veeam software. Backups are always made to a different data center from the one where the VMs are running and the backups are mirrored to at least one additional data centre.  

The data centre, server and network redundancy as well as the backups to multiple data centres, provide an excellent foundation for business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) planning, a must have for enterprise customers, especially those providing “system relevant” services like hospitals, banks etc.

Features | Technology | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing | FAQ

Customers & Use Cases

Who uses Enterprise Cloud?

  • Large banks
  • Hedge funds
  • Large enterprises
  • Fintech companies
  • Providers of ecommerce and payments systems
  • Loyalty engines

and many more.

Enterprise Cloud: Use Cases

  • Banking applications
  • Enterprise databases
  • Data warehouses
  • Data analytics & business intelligence
  • ERP applications
  • CRM applications
  • HR applications
  • Financial applications

and many more

Features | Technology | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing | FAQ

Enterprise Cloud Pricing

(metered hourly)
Monthly Price
Product ID
vCPUNumber / month7.00v2s.vCPU
RAM – vCloud memory (in GB)GB / month7.00v2s.RAM
Clustered SSD Storage Volume Standard (1000 IOPS)GB / month0.12v2s.ssd-vols-std
Clustered SSD Storage with higher IOPSGB / monthUpon request
Storage for Snapshots, ISO files, TemplatesGB / month0.08v2s.sec-storage
Edge Router Advanced Number / month35.00n2s.edge-adv
Public IPv4 AdresseNumber / month (min. 4)7.50n2g.ipv4-public
Veeam Backup Storage100 GB / month10.00v2s.bck-veaam-storage
Object storage for Backups, Archives etc.GB / month0.05s2s.obj-stor

Pricing for Enterprise Networking

NameUnitsMonthly price
Product ID
100 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited TrafficNumber / month0.00n2s.Internet-100Mbps
200 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited TrafficNumber / month80.00n2s.Internet-200Mbps
500 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited TrafficNumber / month200.00n2s.Internet-500Mbps
1000 Mb/s Internet bandwidth, unlimited TrafficNumber / month400.00n2s.Internet-1000Mbps
MPLS – 20MbpsNumber / monthRequest a quoten2s.mpls-20m
MPLS – 50MbpsNumber / monthRequest a quoten2s.mpls-50m
MPLS – 100MbpsNumber / monthRequest a quoten2s.mpls-100m

Pricing for Support Services

Monthly Support Packages

Monthly Support PackagesIncluded Hours (per month)Expiration of support hoursPrice/month
Contract Duration (months)BillingProduct ID
Monthly Support 22Monthly2901Monthlypro2.support-2
Monthly Support 55Monthly7251Monthlypro2.support-5
Monthly Support 1010Monthly1’4001Monthlypro2.support-10
Monthly Support 1515Monthly2’1001Monthlypro2.support-15
Monthly support packages: support hours expire at the end of the month. Service can be cancelled at the end of each month.

Annual Support Packages

Annual Support PackagesIncluded Hours (over 12 months) Expiration of support hoursPrice/month
Contract Duration (months)BillingProduct ID
Annual Support 1010Yearly13012Monthlypro2.support-10-annual
Annual Support 2525Yearly33012Monthlypro2.support-25-annual
Annual Support 5050Yearly65012Monthlypro2.support-50-annual
Annual Support 100100Yearly1’25012Monthlypro2.support-100-annual
Annual Support 200200Yearly2’42012Monthlypro2.support-200-annual
Annual Support 300300Yearly3’50012Monthlypro2.support-300-annual
Annual support packages, paid monthly: the support hours are for a full year and expire after 12 months.

Get started!

Learn how to run mission critical Windows or Linux VMs and your complete network infrastructure in your Enterprise Cloud.

Features | Technology | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Important questions and answers about our Enterprise Cloud

How can I learn how to use Enterprise Cloud?

Safe Swiss Cloud‘s Enterprise Cloud is based on VMware’s Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director).

The VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal is your interface to create and manage virtual machines and virtual networks.

Check out this introduction video from VMware about Working with Virtual Machines:


What sort of redundancy do you offer for your servers?

Safe Swiss Cloud maintains sufficient extra capacity to allow its cloud systems to survive outages due to defects in individual physical nodes (servers).

Virtual machines (VMs) which were running on a physical node (hypervisor) with a defect are simply restarted on another physical node.

What sort of redundancy do you provide for your storage volumes?

All storage volumes at Safe Swiss Cloud are provisioned on redundant data storage clusters (SAN), providing the following types of redundancy:

Redundant storage media: if an SSD has a defect, customers will not notice anything and processing will continue as normal. Safe Swiss Cloud will replace the defective storage device in the background without downtime.

Redundant storage node: if a storage node has a defect, customers will not notice anything and processing will continue as normal. Safe Swiss Cloud will replace the defective storage device in the background without downtime.

The use of 100% clustered block storage based on SSDs ensures maximum reliability, uptime and performance.

Do you offer SSD (flash) storage?

Yes. In fact our default storage category is 100% SSD based.

Do you offer a dedicated private cloud solution?

Yes, we do.

Many enterprise customers want their own dedicated private cloud solution. We create custom specified VMware based dedicated private clouds based on our customer’s requirements.

In this model, the smallest unit is a physical node (server) and customers specify how many they need (minimum 3). Once setup, customers get access to their dedicated cloud via VMware Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director) or via VMware vCenter (minimum 8 nodes).

Do you offer a dual data center solution?

Yes, we do.

We offer a fully automated dual data center solution, which auto detects if one data center has gone down and automatically brings up all Virtual Machines (VMs) running in the affected data center in the other data center.

Safe Swiss Cloud’s redundant network layer notices the switch over and makes sure that when the VMs come up in the other data center, that they have the same IP addresses.