How is Security Implemented at Safe Swiss Cloud?

Safe Swiss Cloud takes many steps to ensure the security of our customer’s data and computing resources:

  • Keep the operating systems on the all the hosts of our cloud systems up to date.
  • Two factor authentication TFA for access to cloud management systems.
  • Keeping the cloud systems up to date.
  • Physical security at the data centres.
  • Regular network scans to detect irregularities.
  • Regular employee security training.
  • Regular reviews of access rights.

In addition, customers who delegate (parts of) their IT Operations to Safe Swiss Cloud benefit from the following:

  • Anti-Malware installed on the customer’s servers.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): monitoring with daily review of security events.
  • Regular backups to separate, independent systems which are out of reach for Ransomware.
  • Managed firewalls.
  • Penetration tests and vulnerability scans.
  • Two factor authentication TFA for access to customer’s servers (VMs).
  • Regular security updates (“patching”) of customer servers (VMs).
  • Proactive customer confirmation of allowed users.

The above and our internal security processes are documented according to ISO 27001, 27017, 27018. They are audited and certified annually.