Under which laws is Safe Swiss Cloud regulated?

Respect for the privacy of individual and company data is required by Swiss law: SR 235.1 Federal Act on Data Protection. Safe Swiss Cloud computing resources and data are accordingly only accessible to our client or parties authorized by them.

Safe Swiss Cloud is compliant with the European Union’s (EU) comprehensive data protection laws, GDPR.

As a 100% Swiss owned company, Safe Swiss Cloud is bound only by Swiss, European and accepted International legal practice.

In the European Commission Decision 2000/518/EC (Official Journal L 215/1 of 25.8.2000) the Commission states that Swiss law provides adequate protection of personal data and data transfers from Member States to Switzerland are therefore, permitted under Art. 25(1) of the EU Directive.

This means that Safe Swiss Cloud is a great choice for EU companies who want to ensure compliance with the EU’s GDPR data protection directives.