Business Continuity at Safe Swiss Cloud during Corona

The Corona Virus outbreak is spreading to many parts of the world and has now reached all the continents – visit the “Situation dashboard” at this World Health Organisation (WHO) page to keep up to date with the latest situation. The page also contains tips about prevention and control, data and evidence and lots more. Further information is available from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

On 26 February 2020, the Safe Swiss Cloud management team took a number of steps to ensure business continuity during the virus outbreak, a day after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Switzerland. Our first priority was to take measures to reduce risk to the health of our employees. Secondly to ensure that all our services and support would continue to function without interruption.

Reducing health risk to our employees

This is the most important measure to ensure business continuity and as a cloud company we were well prepared. The solution has two parts:

  • All employees who commute with public transport are now working from home.
  • There is a minimal presence of employees who get to the office with their own transport or on foot everyday. This number is kept to a minimum to prevent a potentially infected employee from spreading the virus within the company.

Continuity of services and support

Our communications and coordination tools allow all our employees to fulfil their functions, while working from home or in the office. We are happy to confirm that we have been providing our customers uninterrupted service, since these measures have been put in place.

While Safe Swiss Cloud team all look forward to going back to working face to face, these measures will stay in place for as long as necessary to ensure business continuity.

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