Safe Swiss Cloud: Better technology, modern products, new website

A lot has happened at Safe Swiss Cloud in the past few months – and we decided that a new look and feel for our website would be a good way of highlighting the new Safe Swiss Cloud.

Over the last few months a lot of effort has gone into improving our products and services at Safe Swiss Cloud. The goals were clear:

Better Performance: All our products use the latest hardware with Intel Xeon Processors and SSD storage. 

Very good reliability: The key to reliability is storing data in storage clusters – the IO systems (Input/Output) continue to operate uninterrupted in case of defects or failures in individual media or servers. Along with dual redundant electricity supply and networks, Safe Swiss Cloud provides very good reliability of a quality not found in most alternatives.

Competitive and predictable pricing: The goal was to allow our customers to accurately predict their costs in Safe Swiss Cloud – so we made sure there are no charges based on network traffic and Input/Output (IO) operations. And of course, our customers have come to expect and count on competitive pricing and better price/performance to hyperscalers like AWS, Google or Azure.

New Features

In the Enterprise Cloud category, Safe Swiss Cloud offers a state of the art dual data center computing and storage solution with automatic disaster recovery which meets the highest requirements for computing at some of the largest banks and software companies serving banks. 

As a pioneer and market leader in Kubernetes based IT infrastructure, Safe Swiss Cloud has always offered managed Kubernetes clusters based on Openshift, providing an easy entry into the world of Docker Computing. We have expanded our product rang to include dedicated Kubernetes clusters for customer looking for high performance docker computing.

New Website

Just like its products, the new Safe Swiss Cloud website mirrors its fundamental commitment to quality with a fresh design, leaner navigation and a clear focus on our innovative products, 7×24 support and privacy. Speaking of which, we don’t use any third party services to track what you do on our website: this is part of our commitment to Tim Berners-Lee’s “Contract for the future of the Web”

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