Object Storage

Store small to very large amounts of data – mirrored in two data centers

The perfect repository for storing small to very large amounts of data. This storage product adheres to the industry standard S3 protocol, which means it is supported by many products on the market today.

This is a “serverless” form of storage – it can be accessed via https directly. There is no need to pre-allocate storage on this medium – you just start writing data to it via https and get billed for the exact amount of data stored on an hourly basis.

Object storage has been designed to handle very large amounts of data (there is practically no limit on the address space).

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Product Features

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Serverless: you don’t need to setup a server or provision in advance to use object storage.

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No additional costs: only the storage used is billed.

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All data is replicated to a second data centre within 24 hours.

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This storage is compatible with the S3 protocol. Many apps and clients which support this protocol can be used to access this object storage.

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Backup and archive large amounts of data.

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Use the standard S3 API to access object storage.

Features | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing

Customers & Use Cases

Who is it for?

Object storage is primarily used for backups and archiving but can also be used as “regular” storage for infrequently used data like phots, videos etc. It is possible to store very large amounts of data on object storage and it can be “mounted” as a regular storage volume, but it has not been designed to support the semantics of a file system or the performance an SSD provides. It is ideal for storing for storing backups, archiving large amounts of data or infrequently used files.

A popular free client for connecting to S3 storage is Cyberduck, but many backup and archiving products support S3 compatible storage. For a way to mount S3 compatible object storage as a file system on a server, check out FUSE.

Object Storage: Use Cases

Object storage can be used for

  • Backups
  • Archiving
  • Storing very large amounts of data
  • and as a cheap storage for rarely used data

Features | Customers & Use Cases | Pricing

Object Storage Pricing

NameUnitsMonthly Price  
(billed hourly)
Product ID
Object storage for backups, archival etc.
Data is replicated to a 2nd data centre within 24 hours.
GB / Month0.05s2s.obj-stor

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