EveryWare and Safe Swiss Cloud partner to drive cloud innovation in Switzerland

EveryWare AG has acquired a majority interest in Safe Swiss Cloud AG as part of a cooperation agreement. In the future, both companies will work very closely together to set new trends as innovation drivers in the Swiss cloud market. At the same time, however, they remain independent providers and will continue to operate under their respective names and brands.

The cooperation between EveryWare and Safe Swiss Cloud is agile, dynamic and flexible. In the future, around 90 employees will work closely together, pool their expertise and technological know-how and make sustainable use of synergies.

With EveryWare and Safe Swiss Cloud, two major players in the Swiss cloud market, aim to increase the speed of innovation and develop the managed and self-service cloud markets. In particular, the areas of Container-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Security-as-a-Service will be expanded. The focus is on IT services with quality at internationally competitive prices that sustainably support companies and their IT to transition to agile and DevOps best practices.

Kurt Ris, CEO of EveryWare AG commented on the reasons for the cooperation: “The professional setup and operation of a cloud requires highly specialized and larger teams. Cloud platforms are only interesting when you reach a certain size, level of competence and specialization.”

Prodosh Banerjee, founder of Safe Swiss Cloud, adds: “This cooperation brings together two cloud leaders who are probably unique in Switzerland in terms of innovation, dynamics, flexibility and agility.”

EveryWare and Safe Swiss Cloud both have a pronounced cloud and IT service DNA. Together, they operate nearly 1,500 physical hosts and will accelerate cloud innovation in Switzerland and Europe.

EveryWare and Safe Swiss Cloud meet the highest security and compliance standards: FINMA Circular 2008/7 for bank IT outsourcing, ISO 27018, ISO 27001, ISAE 3000 Type 2 Report. In addition, EveryWare has recently been listed as a leader in the Cloud Transformation/Operation Services & XaaS segment in the ISG Provider Lens vendor comparison. EveryWare was elected to the top of the datacenter ranking list in the Telekom-Rating 2017 balance sheet.

About EveryWare

EveryWare is the leading Swiss cloud and IT service provider with its own large-scale data centers and network infrastructure, serving over 3000 business customers. The company operates private cloud and managed IT services on highly scalable and georedundant platforms, to the highest standards of performance, availability and security. It combines 20 years of expertise in the design, development and operation of business-critical platforms with state-of-the-art cloud technologies.

More than 200 successfully completed major projects for companies, including banks and insurance companies, as well as 30 business partners underscore the competence of EveryWare. Its clients include Sanacare, Jobs. ch, Mirus Software and Credit Suisse.

Further information is available at www.everyware.ch and www.everyware.ch/cloud

About Safe Swiss Cloud

Safe Swiss Cloud is a leading provider of European enterprise cloud infrastructure and managed services in privacy-sensitive business areas such as banking, insurance and health care. Safe Swiss Cloud is also specialized to serve the needs of software vendors and developers. Its agile services are optimized for DevOps processes and are implemented with the help of technologies such as Docker Containers and Openshift.

Banks, FinTech, MedTech, software companies and other companies entrust their mission-critical IT infrastructure to Safe Swiss Cloud.

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