• Do you have “pay as you go” pricing?

    Yes, Safe Swiss Cloud’s main infrastructure resources are billed on a “pay as you go” basis with hourly billing:

    • CPU
    • RAM
    • SSD Storage
    • Object storage

    Internet Bandwidth is not billed “pay as you go”, but can be pro-rated on a monthly basis.

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  • Do you have 7×24 support?


    We have 7×24 support for all our cloud platforms. If you cannot reach your cloud resources or suspect a problem with the cloud contact us to get in touch with an engineer.

    Note, that this does not include support for applications you have installed yourself on your own VMs (virtual machines) or deployed in our Kubernetes cloud.

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  • Can I migrate my existing virtual machines to Safe Swiss Cloud?

    Yes – there are various ways to do this.

    In the most basic approach, export your VM data volumes and import them into Safe Swiss Cloud. This approach may take hours for larger disk volumes (> 100GB) and should not be used more than 2-3 VMs. A disadvantage of this approach is that while the transfer is ongoing, the service will not be available to end users.

    Another approach involves using a tool to replicate and synchronise existing VMs to new VMs in the cloud. This approach has the advantage of being able to make a very quick switch from the existing IT environment to a new one with very little downtime. We will be happy to advise you about the best tools and approach for your environment.

    We have migrated VMs from most commonly used hypervisors including VMware, Hyper-V and KVM. If you need assistance with your migration we will be happy to help you.

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  • Can I migrate my existing KVM virtual machines to Safe Swiss Cloud?

    Yes. You can move these unchanged to Safe Swiss Cloud’s Open Cloud product.

    Open Cloud uses KVM as its virtualisation engine, so we will be able to take your KVM VMs and run them practically unchanged.  We might suggest some tuning to improve I/O and network throughput at Safe Swiss Cloud.

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  • I have a problem. How can I get support?

    To request support write to the support email address Safe Swiss Cloud shared with you when you opened your account or fill out this form. This will automatically open a ticket which will trigger Safe Swiss Cloud’s support process.

    In case of emergencies or outside business hours, always call +41 61 564 1111 and ask for emergency customer support. You will be connected to the engineer on duty.

    Support is normally provided on a best effort basis, but contracts that guarantee certain service levels (SLAs) are available.

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  • What about portability and lock-in?

    In the cloud age customers want the freedom to move their computing workloads (VMs/servers, storage, applications, data etc.) between various clouds (including Safe Swiss Cloud) and their own on premise data centres.

    Safe Swiss Cloud is committed to making sure our customers enjoy this freedom. Customers can always move their workloads in and out of Safe Swiss Cloud themselves (self service). We also provide services to help customers move their workloads between various data centres including those from Safe Swiss Cloud and many other cloud providers.

    For more information, visit the page Why Safe Swiss Cloud.

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  • Do you provide reseller or white label services?

    Yes. We are happy to serve resellers.

    As a reseller, you are welcome to create white label or value added services.

    For further information please contact us via Email or call +41 61 564 11 11

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