OpenShift at Safe Swiss Cloud: Easy Software Deployment in the Cloud

More and more companies are using OpenShift to develop and deploy their cloud applications. It leverages the advantages of docker containers, manages scaling, and increases efficiency. Now available in the Safe Swiss Cloud.        

Those who manage enterprise software today are increasingly focused on deployment with so-called docker containers. The reasons are obvious: compared to virtual machines, containers offer a much more lightweight and standardized environment. Already on a single Linux machine many containers can be started quickly – each container contains a part of the application that interacts with the other containers.

Because this technology enables different tasks (microservices) to be processed in separate containers, there are less dependencies on other software components. Updates are also possible during ongoing operation, the number of containers can be increased at any time – whether it is 100 virtual machines or several thousand.

Scaling has never been easier – and even failures are thus avoided: If a server collapses, the other docker containers still run on other VMs.

Docker is an ideal platform for the deployment of increasingly complex cloud applications. However, the technology also requires a lot of additional know-how from developers. In order to focus on the essentials – good software – Red Hat has created OpenShift.

Cloud deployment with OpenShift – the best of all worlds

OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that combines Docker and Kubernetes in a web-based administration interface, a system originally developed by Google for the automated deployment of containers. It runs on Linux, Windows and other operating systems.

The service provides numerous useful features such as providing one-click images, pipelines, integrated docker registration, better user interfaces, and automation of software development such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Your developers can simply do what they do best: programming.

These benefits have already converted many large PaaS companies to OpenShift – and also with SafeSwiss Cloud we are convinced that with OpenShift the advantages of deployment in the cloud can be best utilized. Our OpenShift offering on our enterprise cloud infrastructure includes …

  • the scalability and flexibility needed to best exploit the potential of a container-based architecture;
  • reliability and security for mission-critical applications;
  • know-how for OpenShift and company-critical software;
  • Swiss location that meets all compliance requirements.

We would be pleased to provide you with an OpenShift environment, to support you with your Proof-of-Concept.

Dedicated Openshift & Docker at Safe Siwss Cloud

Tutorial: How to install OpenShift cluster on SafeSwissCloud

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