Gridmine and Safe Swiss Cloud partner to make instant Big Data a reality

Safe Swiss Cloud has partnered up with Gridmine to create a solution that makes Big Data accessible to everybody. We will get you up and running with a scalable big data infrastructure within two days. Traditionally, setting up a Big Data solution and infrastructure has taken highly qualified tech teams months to set-up. 

What is Gridmine?

Gridmine has integrated 30+ open source technologies such as the industry standard Apache Hadoop, Spark, Storm and Cassandra and automated the setup on Safe Swiss Cloud. This allows customers to easily deploy, monitor and manage their big data infrastructure and start analyzing and mining their data without having to spend thirty to forty five man months just setting up a big data infrastructure. 

Real Time Big Data

Thanks to the scale out architecture design and the availability of large computing and storage capacity on Safe Swiss Cloud, our customers can now perform real time analysis of data, for example on the click streams of large websites, trade and stock quote analysis and lots more. 

Pay for use, no investment needed

By using Safe Swiss Cloud, customers can quickly bring up their big data infrastructure without investing anything. They can resize their infrastructure up or down anytime and pay only for they used. When finished, shutdown the solution and stop paying. Spin it up again when needed and pay only for the actual usage.

Who uses Gridmine?

Gridmine is in use by European financial institutions for processing and predictive analytics of transaction data, online media companies for real time traffic analysis, user profiling and application auditing and retail groups for customer segmentation and recommendation. 

Why Safe Swiss Cloud?

Safe Swiss Cloud provides access to large amounts of computing, storage and networking infrastructure in the heart of Europe with an affordable and predictable pricing model. It allows customers to meet their security, risk and other compliance requirements out of the box, thanks to certifications like ISO 27001 (IT Security), 27018 (Cloud security for processing PII – Personally Identifiable Information) as well as compliance with the Swiss financial regulator FINMA’s outsourcing guidelines. 

Please contact Prodosh Banerjee or Gerald Dürr at +41 43 541 5704 to schedule a demo.

About Safe Swiss Cloud AG

Safe Swiss Cloud provides secure, compliant, high performance, highly scalable cloud computing in Switzerland at an affordable and predictable price. It has offices in Zürich and Basel in Switzerland and has been in operation since 2012. 

About Gridmine

GridMine is a product of Bal Lab based on 5 years of Big Data Project experience in banking, online advertising and image search. GridMine is single mindedly focused on enabling the easy deployment, monitoring and management of Big Data solutions based on open source platforms.

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