Security-Report: IT decision makers say the Enterprise Cloud is at least as secure as in-house solutions

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has recently published a report on cloud security. For the study titled “The Cloud Balancing Act for IT: Between Promise and Peril” 200 IT and security decision makers had been interrogated.

Their clear conclusion: Companies that decide to adopt Enterprice cloud computing do absolutele not take higher security risks. Precondition is a clearly defined cloud policy.

Jim Reavis, CEO of Cloud Security Alliance:

“As a growing number of companies have become more confident in cloud security measures and, with that, are moving their systems of records to the cloud, the role of IT and its relationship to the line of business is changing. This survey provides excellent insight into what security professionals are doing to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of transforming their businesses into cloud-first organizations.”

Nearly 65% of the IT decision makers say cloud is exactly as secure as in-house solutions. The most cloud-based services are CRM solutions, but many organizations are planning on moving further applications to the Enterprise cloud – mostly sales and HR.

According to the report, this development will change the role of IT and security decision makers over time. They set the basis for business and make IT a innovative force in the organization.

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