Safe Swiss Cloud launches real enterprise cloud: NSA-free

Real enterprise cloud?

Think of it as your virtual data center (a package of IT infrastructure) becoming your cloud.

We think that a real enterprise cloud is about providing computing resources like CPUs, memory, disk space, network bandwidth, backup space etc. along with the tools to manage them. Most cloud providers however only provide a selection of virtual machines (VMs) of different sizes. We think they are selling glorified hosting and virtualization, but not a real cloud.

A real cloud solution should provide tools to manage the cloud. Safe Swiss Cloud provides packages of computing resources and the tools to manage them. With these real cloud tools, clients can create virtual machines (VMs), software defined networks (SDN) and lots more, the only limit being what the chosen package of resources can sustain. Once the limits are reached, they can be increased.

Need to create separate networks, groups of resources, multiple users with access to different resources within your cloud? Safe Swiss Cloud allows you to do all this and lots more.

Enterprise Cloud

The purpose of an enterprise cloud is to extend, replace or create the equivalent of a data center, without the hassle. Our Enterprise Cloud offers exactly that. With predictable and transparent pricing – you know in advance what the bill for a given period will be.

Most leading cloud providers love complicated, non-deterministic formulas to calculate the costs of using their clouds. They usually use some combination of counting of every byte moved, the CPU cycles used, the number of I/O operations per minute, the number of bytes coming in and going out through the network, the time of day and lots more. Even a seasoned mathematician would have trouble figuring out their costs in advance.

At Safe Swiss Cloud, we understand that this can be a deal breaker for the CFO or the purchasing department, so we have setup our pricing in a way that clients know in advance how much their quarterly or monthly cloud services bill is going to be. We believe that transparency and predictable pricing are among the most important characteristics of a real enterprise cloud.

Privacy and Security

Here in Europe and especially in Switzerland, we believe that privacy is an inalienable, fundamental right of citizens. The laws in Switzerland require cloud providers like us to take our client’s data privacy very seriously.

Against the backdrop of recent disclosures about massive spying programs of the NSA, the time has come for a real NAS-free cloud alternative, in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, where privacy still matters. We do not share the data of our clients with anybody – this is our clear commitment to privacy and security.

It is worth remembering that when spying outside their home country, secret services are under no obligations to respect their victims’ privacy rights – rights that their own citizens and companies have. Abroad, a lot of privacy violations fall into the category of industrial espionage  – hence it is even more important for companies to find good ways to protect their cloud data.

Safe Swiss Cloud as the name suggests offers exactly that – cloud computing and data in a safe Swiss location, protected by Swiss law.

Does all this add up to a real cloud?

What do you think? Make your opinion count – leave us a comment.

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