Safe Swiss Cloud relies on redundancy

From now on Safe Swiss Cloud is hosting his services at the colocation data center of Interxion. This decision was partly based on Interxion’s compliance with FINMA guidelines. 

Excert from the press release:

The Siss cloud service Safe Swiss Cloud relies on redundancy. Recently the service provider hosts its cloud infrastructure in the colocation data center of Interxion in Glattbrugg as well, according to an announcement. The second location complements the data center of Safe Swiss Cloud at the site of the colocation specialist Equinix in Switzerland.

Crucial for the decision of using Interxion as a second site was its ISO 27001 certification and its compliance with FINMA guidelines, says Prodosh Banerjee, CEO of Safe Swiss Cloud. “This enables the seamless interoperability with our second redundant data center in Switzerland.”

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