Storage as a Service: Unlimited resources, available on-demand

Backup of business-critical data is obligatory for each and every organization. However, there is no backup strategy off the rack. It’s always dependent on the requirements and prerequesits of the respective organization.

Storage-as-a-Service is becoming more and more relevant for this topic. The concept of Storage-as-a-Service is providing the needed storage capacity for organizations on-demand by a cloud provider to enable storage, archiving and backups. Especially organizations with the need for flexible high-availability of their business-critical systems can make great use of these virtual storage solutions. This way enterprises can achieve a “always-on” condition for their business.

Users are more flexible because capacity can be scaled up and down as required – depending on current demand. Additionally, they can make use of state-of-the-art technology, without the hassle of acquiring and maintining in-house IT-investments.

When looking for a provider enterprises should place importance on domestic data center locations, security certifications and physical data retention in a single legislation. This way compliance can be assured..

The offering of Safe Swiss Cloud makes it easy to deploy customized cloud storage/recovery solutions within a few days. With the Upgrade of our Services  our customers are able to harness two highly available primary storage clusters to backup their data according to their requirements and the requirements of their business.

For further information on this topic we recommend our blog on Geo-redundancy and Disaster Recovery.

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