How the health management system MyVitali gathers and processes data

The term Internet of Things (IoT) describes the tendency of computers increasingly disappearing as devices and being replaced by „intelligent things“ which exchange data through the Internet and support human users imperceptibly in their activities.

There are many applications, from intelligent devices in manufacturing to everyday use in homes –  for example, the automatic control of energy consumption and household equipment. Medicine and healthcare has become one of the most relevant areas of the IoT business. An obvious example is the proliferation of smart watches/bracelets that are able to detect biological data such as pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and body temperature which can then be used as a basis for advice that can be given by healthcare professionals

Taking all areas into account the IoT market shows an unprecedented growth: It is estimated that 26 billion devices will be connected through the Internet by 2020. This trend brings new and challenging requirements for the IT infrastructure of providers. This can be observed with the example of myVitali ( which uses the services of Safe Swiss Cloud.

myVitali® considers itself as the key to self-determination in the “third stage” of life. A home integrated system, consisting of emergency functions, vital monitoring, surveillance, information and supply services, provides the security of total care.

Currently, the focus is on areas of vital monitoring, emergency and communication. Automaticallyn collected vital data such as blood pressure, blood sugar or weight form the basis for the health care and assistance in times of illness. This is achieved by providing customized feedback and coaching applications on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Availability and stability in the cloud

To make all of this possible, data need to be continuously recorded, linked and analyzed. “The biggest challenge is a 24/7 availability and stability of all operations. This is already offered by some hosting providers, but the cloud has other advantages: it adapts dynamically to the conditions and always delivers exactly the computer power required” says Oliver J. Wolff, CEO of myVitali AG. “This makes cloud a challenge and a solution at the same time.”

With previous hosting services the stability was missing for myVitali missing says Wolff. “On weekends you just don’t want to be informed by your hosting service that there is a problem – you want to be able to sleep in peace. Before adopting the solution, we were hoping that Swiss Cloud offers this security – and indeed they didn’t let us down.”

“We were hoping that Swiss Cloud offers this security – and indeed they didn’t let us down.”

But not only stability and availability are important aspects for IoT applications where sensitive and personal data are collected and processed. Wolff: “For us, data security and data sovereignty are very important. Therefore, having the data stored in Switzerland was a crucial point for us. Currently the country is emerging as a safe data harbor. When combined with the stability of the cloud we are happy to have made that decision.”

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